CAROL COATES...American Artist
(Homepage image by Kate Russell)


Carol Coates was born in Michigan where her content driven work found many issues of concern. She earned her Masters in Fine Art at the University of Michigan.
Her lifelong graduate study continued in drawing, painting, photography, metal fabrication, and ceramics. She created and exhibited her work in juried and solo shows during her years as an educator to the present.
She was the recipient of two major Creative Artist Grants from Michigan’s State Art Council. This led to the creation of several 7’x7’ canvas/mesh overlay pieces.
She created grand format corporate and public Fine Art commissioned installations. She won many awards for her unique layered mixed media work. She received a full scholarship to attend Dale Chihuly's Pilchuck Glass School. She studied, exhibited, and received awards abroad. 
She garnered ongoing representation in Santa Fe, NM, in Denver, CO, and in Los Angeles, CA. Her studio is currently in Fort Myers, Florida.
She has created five major ongoing bodies of work over time. They include the Contact, Markmaking, Dissonance, MindsEye, and Beginnings Series. 

Her representational work conveys feeling states and is centered on issues of perception and choice. Her abstract pieces are visual tone poems.
She uses Surreal, Classical, Minimal, and Abstract imagery to communicate. While the work varies in style, the content and aesthetics are constant. It can be poetic and dead serious or quirky and laced with humor. It is all from one heart and one mind.
She hopes to evoke an emotional and empathic response from the viewer. Finally, she hopes to provoke thought and promote greater wisdom and justice.


*Born, Grand Haven, Michigan

*Masters Degree - Fine Art, University of Michigan

*Bachelor of Science, Western Michigan University

*Lifelong Graduate Study in U.S. and abroad in Drawing,
Painting, Photography, Digital, Encaustic, Metalsmithing,
Ceramics, and Fine Art Glass.

*Fine Art Faculty 1963 - 1995

*Artist in Residence 1985 - 1995

2021   Representation, HW Gallery, Naples, FL 
2021   35th Annual Juried All Florida Exhibition, Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL
2021   H20 Exhibition, Bailey-Matthews Museum, Sanibel, FL
2020    "Gravity of Gratitude", Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL
2020    "Pain, Process, and Promise", Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL
2020   34th Annual Juried All Florida Exhibition,Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL
2019   Solo show,, “MindsEye”, Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2018 Group show,, “Uncanny”, Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO
2017   Group show, “Electron Salon ”, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA
2017   International Exhibition, “Figure/Contemporary Media”, Site: Brooklyn, NY
2017   32ndInternational Exhibition, Meadows Gallery, Tyler, TX
2016   Solo Show, “Dissonance”, Tansey Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM    
2015   Group Show, “Absence of Color”, Tansey Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
2015   Representation, Tansey Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM   
2012   Re-Presenting the Nude, Evoke Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
2012   Solo show, “Momentum”, Lois Lambert Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
2012   Representation, Lois Lambert Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
2012   Big Arts Invitational, Phillips Gallery, Sanibel, FL 
2011   Colorado Creative Industries, Carr Judicial Center finalist, Denver, CO
2010    Solo Show, The Edge Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2008    Solo show, “Interplay”, Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO
2008    Santa Fe Community Gallery Inaugural Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM
2007   “FOTOwerk”, Flatfile Gallery, Chicago, IL
2005   Group show, Tadu Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
2005   The Collector’s Show, Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO
2005   “Design After Dark”, Invitational Benefit, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
2005   Invitation/Inclusion in “100 Artists of the Southwest”, by Douglas Bullis  
2005   Group show, Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO
2005    Representation, Tadu Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM
2005   “Small Works Invitational”, Sandy Carson Fine Art, Denver, CO
2005    Representation, Aspen International Art, Aspen, CO
2005    Solo show “Within the Moment”, Tadu Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM
2003    Bronze Medal in New Media, Fortezza de Basso, Florence, Italy
2001    Solo show “Critical Mass”, 9/13/2001, Art Center of Battle Creek, MI           
1999   “Carol Coates”- Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI.
1999    300’ Public Commission, Historic District Courthouse, Midland, MI
1998   45' FineArt Installation - Fortune “500” World Headquarters Executive Wing 
1998    Solo show, “Binary Poetics” SVSU, Saginaw, MI
1998    Solo show, “Carol Coates”, Studio 23, Bay City, MI
1998    Creative Artist Grant, Michigan Art Council
1997    Three-Person Invitational, “Circuitwork” Northwood Gallery, MI
1997    Solo show, “Evo-Diva”, Saginaw Art Museum, MI
1994    Solo show, “Assertions”, MCFTA Museum, MI
1993    One-Person Show, Saginaw Art Museum
1992    One-Person Show Award, Saginaw Art Museum Statewide Photo
1991    Second Place Award, Latent Image Statewide Photo Competition
1990    Third Place Award, Holland Art Museum State Competition-
1990    Juried inclusion, Showcase, Midland Center for the Arts
1990   and earlier -
Juried inclusion, Saginaw Art Museum Area Exhibition
                        Honorable Mention, Mid-Michigan State Competition
                        Best of Show Award, Regional Competition
                        First Place Award, Regional Competition
                        Third Place Award, Saginaw Art Museum 
                        Juried inclusion, Krasl Art Museum State Competition
                        Group Exhibit, Slusser Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI
                        First and Second Place Awards, Studio 23, Bay City, MI
                        Honorable Mention, Saginaw Art Museum, Saginaw, MI
                        Second Place Award, Regional Competition
                        Third Place Award, Bay Area Photo Competition
                        Three-Person Show,Midland Center for the Arts